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About Us

We are very proud to be based in the City of Rancho Cordova and to do business with many clients in our home city. We are dedicated to giving our clients outstanding service and quality appraisals with quick turn-times. In covering multiple types of properties, our primary service areas include the the Greater Sacramento region as well as portions of the Bay Area and Central Valley. You can view our company websites at www.RanchoCordovaAppraiser.com and www.LundquistCompany.com as well as two other websites at www.SacramentoTaxAppeals.com and www.AnatoliaTaxAppeal.com

Our unique attributes at Lundquist Appraisal include:

    - FHA approved             

    - Flexible schedule for inspection times            
    - We understand the current market and unique areas of Rancho Cordova
    - We handle bankruptcy and estate settlement appraisals
    - We provide "short-sale appraisals" to the bank on behalf of the home owner
    - Experienced with REO appraisals (with REO addendum)

    - Easy-to-use website                                   

    - Quick turn times

    - We use an MLS lockbox key

    - Credit card payments accepted                

    - Able to provide detailed research, market analysis, and graphing of trends
    - Excellent communication with clients
    - Mobile internet so you can email us while we are on the road
    - On-line ordering (you can upload purchase contracts too)

    - 10 primary counties served

    - We e-mail updates throughout the appraisal process
    - We take our shoes off when entering houses.
    - Courteous and culturally sensitive
    - Outstanding service (see “testimonials” section)
    - Excellent marketing strategies
    - Reachable and available to clients
    - Assisting homeowners with tax appeals and litigation needs

To best serve our clients, we continue to study the real estate market, research the appraisal field and utilize the latest technology in our approach to valuation. We only used licensed and certified appraisers and we take the time to make sure that our appraisals are accurate, thorough and conform with the guidelines as outlined by our Uniform Standards. In addition, we pay for an MLS lockbox key and can therefore quickly inspect properties for our clients during purchase, sale and REO situations. 


To meet our staff click HERE.

We handle residential appraisals for: FHA, Tax Appeal, Litigation Support, Purchases, Refinance, Foreclosure, Reverse Mortgages, PMI Removal, Pre-sale Appraisal To Determine Accurate Sales Price, Estate Planning, Divorce, Employee Relocation, Property & Market Analysis, and More. We are also available for appraisal consulting projects. Our list of clients include local and national lenders, banks, brokers, home owners, government-affiliated agencies, and even the United States Department of Agriculture. Our clients know that we go the extra mile in being thorough, methodical, accurate, and professional. 

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One of our core company values is being personable. This value pervades all we do because it is who we are. In the ins and outs of daily work we are known for having outstanding communication and being down-to-earth, easy to work with, professional, and friendly, by both our clients and in the homes we enter. 


We welcome any questions you might have about Lundquist Appraisal Company and we thank you in advance for choosing us. We look forward to doing business together. 

Always doing our best,
The Lundquist Appraisal Team
Phone: 916-595-3735  Fax: 916-361-1964

10267 Croydon Way Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

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We provide solid real estate appraisal reports (FHA real estate appraisals too) within the Greater Sacramento Region, Central Valley, and portions of the Bay Area. We are reliable, personable, and professional. As a local and experienced consultant we also provide assistance to home owners to appeal their property taxes. We look forward to understanding your real estate appraisal needs and serving you soon. Call us today at 916-595-3735.