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In order to best suite your needs, we have placed all of the following documents online for your viewing.  Simply click a title to view/print.  Some of these document are PDF files, which require "Adobe Acrobat" to open. You can download Adobe Acrobat for free by clicking the yellow box below if you don't already have it on your computer (you most likely do).  Please note that for appraisal licenses, resumes, and E&O insurance, you'll need to contact the office at 916-595-3735 due to no longer posting these items online for security reasons. 

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We provide solid real estate appraisal reports (FHA real estate appraisals too) within the Greater Sacramento Region, Central Valley, and portions of the Bay Area. We are reliable, personable, and professional. As a local and experienced consultant we also provide assistance to home owners to appeal their property taxes. We look forward to understanding your real estate appraisal needs and serving you soon. Call us today at 916-595-3735.