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See what people are saying about Lundquist Appraisal Company.


New Rancho Cordova Home Owners:

"We purchased a home and had Lundquist Appraisal come out and appraise our home. We were pleased at how quickly and efficiently this was done. We recommend using Lundquist Appraisal."

                     William & JoAnna
                     New Home Owners
                     Rancho Cordova, CA

A Recent FHA Loan in Rancho Cordova:

“As an out of area Lender, I couldn’t afford to just go with any appraiser for our time sensitive transaction. Ryan came very highly recommended, and I always trust a personal referral from someone I know. I was very pleased with Ryan’s appraisal and quick turnaround. Even when our underwriter got knit-picky about things, Ryan was front and center providing us everything we needed on the report to satisfy our doc conditions. It’s very rare to find an appraiser with a ‘teamwork’ attitude. I truly valued that in our transaction, and Thank You Ryan. I personally recommend him for all your appraisal needs, you won’t be disappointed.”

                     Raschel Roberts
                     Senior Loan Officer
                     Star Financial - Irvine, CA

New Construction in Rancho Cordova:

"Ryan was amazing when it came to the appraisal process of the new home I purchased in Rancho Cordova! He went out of his way to make my busy schedule work. Everything went really smooth on my FHA loan and I am very happy. I highly recommend Lundquist Appraisal Company"

                     Rick H.
                     New Home Owner
                     Rancho Cordova, CA


"Ryan Lundquist is my go-to appraiser in his coverage area. He is very responsive, has a quick turnaround time, and doesn't bat an eye if extra research is required for a tricky property. My borrowers have also said he is very polite and professional during appraisal inspections.

                     Jamie Hansen
                     Loan Coordinator
                     One Easy Fee Home Loans - San Diego, CA


"Honesty and integrity are hard to find in this business.  Ryan Lundquist is rich with both qualities."

                     Matt Bradbury
                     Fairway Lending Group, Inc. - Brea, CA


"Lundquist Appraisal Company is efficient and reliable. The web ordering process is easy, the customer service is great, and the appraisals are quick." 

                     Kendrick Dukes
                     Mortgage Consultant / Broker
                     1st Sierra Mortgage - Sacramento, CA


"I have called Lundquist Appraisal for the past several years because of your accuracy in appraised value and the fact that I have never had one of your appraisals reviewed by an underwriter. This means I don't have to worry about an underwriter having a bad day and using your appraisal as ammunition to cancel a loan. That, my friend, makes this relationship priceless."

                     Ed Wacaster
                     Loan Officer / "Mortgage Maestro" Radio Show
                     RPM Mortgage - Roseville, CA

"From the time Ryan acknowledges receipt of our order request, which we easily submit on Lundquist Appraisal's informative and manageable website, to the day we receive his report, Ryan stays in touch to keep us informed of his process and time frame.  His thorough and clear reports are of top-notch quality.  If our Investor requires additional data on the property, Ryan's response time in getting the info back to us is remarkable.  He seems to always be connected, so we feel like we can reach him anytime, anywhere.  Ryan is professional, efficient, reliable, courteous, and has competitive services and fees.  What more could you want in an appraiser?"

                     Loan Processor
                     1st Sierra Mortgage - Sacramento, CA


"Ryan Lundquist is a very prompt and efficient appraiser.  He calls/emails you with constant updates and stays on top of getting you your appraisal in a very timely manner.  I have never had a problem with his appraisal with any of my lenders."

                     Jessica Weston
                     Weston Processing Services - Servicing all of CA


"I can always count on Lundquist Appraisal to deliver timely and professional service for my clients.  I am very pleased with Ryan's accessibility, his punctuality with appointments and his ability to determine market value for my clients' properties."

                     Dan Do
                     Loan Officer
                     Transpacific Finance - Milpitas, CA


"First, let me say how great your website is-- Very easy to use.  Simple ordering process! Second, you are just great and very quick to respond to any questions I have, and very quick on getting my appraisals back to me.  I would not, and have not, hesitated to refer you to others." 

                     Jenifer Miller
                     Loan Officer
                     Green Valley Mortgage - Elk Grove, CA


"When you need it done right away, Lundquist Appraisal is the way."

                     Jeannette Mariscal
                     Loan Officer
                     Metrocities Mortgage - Modesto, CA


More quotes coming very soon... 


If we have done business together and you'd like to submit a quote for the Lundquist Appraisal website, please e-mail a few sentences to us.

Thank you.



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